Destroy aliens, dash between planets, and buy powerful upgrades. Exodemic is a compact roguelike that combines frenetic shoot 'em up gameplay with a procedurally generated overworld filled with vendors, trading hubs, and combat encounters. Race against the clock to save the human race.


I started working on Exodemic in June 2021 with the goal being to finally finish a game after years of starting games. I originally thought I could complete the game in a few months, but it ended up taking almost exactly a year working on it every night in between being a full time software developer and full time dad.


  • 3 unique ships to unlock, with 3 difficulties per ship
  • Thousands of different build combinations from unique augments
  • Procedurally generated overworld to keep each run fresh


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About Will Ganucheau

Hi, I'm Will. I'm a full-time software developer, full-time dad, and part-time game developer.
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